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Black (pardoned) Turkey

Want to have something nice to read on your iPad this weekend? Download Nassim Taleb’s very instructive, still very relevant ‘The Black Swan’. Taleb describes the phenomenon of the Black Swan as a metaphor for unpredictability. You see, until the … Continue reading

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From Train to Scooter: the journey towards a new generation of Business Technology applications

IT architects should learn: nothing beats a simple, powerful story. No, not even these six-layered, three-dimensional reference frameworks can do that; they are nice to discuss internally – among architects and all – but outside, in the real world, very few … Continue reading

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The Best Part of any Computing Device

Traveling back home from holidays in Italy, we were painfully reminded of our sometimes empty-headed, uncritical reliance on real-time information and automated support. Our lovely Flemish speaking on-board navigation system guided us – as usual – through unknown territory. This … Continue reading

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Apps Rationalization * 2 + Slow Technology

I am using the relatively calm period of summer holidays to write a set of articles. One of them will be a major addition to a (multi-author) book about the Slow Movement. My current working title for that feature is … Continue reading

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Wax On, Wax Off

There is something symbolic about it: organising an IT / architects conference in the Central Hall in London. Right next to the Big Ben and Westminster Abbey, The Open Group Conference takes place once more in one of the landmark … Continue reading

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White Elephant

Just to make sure: there is absolutely nothing wrong with White Elephants. Actually, in Asia they were often regarded as signs of prosperity and success and emperors would hold them as status symbols. On the other hand, these huge animals … Continue reading

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The Hammers & Nails of BPM

I am preparing for a panel debate and a brief case presentation at the upcoming BPM Gartner Summit in London. The theme of the summit is “Making it happen: Driving high performance results beyond the hype”. And although it makes … Continue reading

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